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Labour Party backs Gina Martin’s campaign to make ‘upskirting’ illegal

It ain't OK hun.

So you may have read recently about a girl called Gina Martin, who found out some creepy ass dudes had been taking pics up her skirt at British Summer Time last month.

After telling security and the police being called, she was told that it wasn’t a graphic enough image for him to be prosecuted. In an article for the BBC she wrote:

“The photograph wasn’t considered graphic because I had knickers on – if I had chosen not to wear any underwear it might have been dealt with entirely differently – but I don’t see how what I was wearing should affect their response.”


So she decided to fight back, and started a petition to make upskirting illegal under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003. It’s now got 59,528 signatures – yassss queen.

upskirt petition

Labour have now added their support to the campaign, with Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon writing to Justice Secretary David Lidington telling him that the Tories need to sort their shit out.

He said: “I am writing in support of the campaign, started by Gina Martin, to make disgraceful, invasive ‘upskirting’ photographs a sexual offence in law.

“The scope for people to take ‘upskirting’ photographs has clearly increased with developments in mobile phone technology since the enactment of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

“At present, there is a gap in the law that has allowed – and is continuing to allow – people who have taken such photographs in public places to escape prosecution. This needs to be changed.”



I mean, he’s definitely right. Right now, upskirting is illegal in Scotland under their more recent Sexual Offences Act from 2009. In the rest of the UK, however, it’s very difficult to prosecute someone for upskirting.

It’s creepy af, and it’s downright violating to women. If you want to help the campaign, sign and share Gina’s petition here.



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