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Theresa May is the Gretchen Weiners to Trump’s Regina George – and it’s not OK

C'mon Theresa, stand up for what's right. That's just like, the rules of feminism!

Over the weekend, we saw horrific scenes from the United States as the “alt-right” (aka, a bunch of white supremacists/neo-Nazis) violently protested in Charlottesville, severely injuring counter-protesters, and even killing a woman by running her down with a car.

Donald Trump, after two days of half-assed comments and tweets, finally condemned the white supremacists, but went back on this on Tuesday at a press conference. He said that “not all those people were neo-Nazis” and that what he called the ‘alt-left’ were “very, very violent”. He also said “you had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. I’ll say it right now.”


So, we’ve got a President in the White House who can’t outrightly condemn neo-Nazis, and seems to think that people who are AGAINST Nazis are somehow just as bad. And if this wasn’t concerning enough, Theresa May didn’t seem to give much of a shit, either.

When asked her opinion on the subject, she said “I absolutely abhor the racism, the hatred and the violence that we have seen portrayed by these groups.

The United Kingdom has taken action to ban far-right groups here, we have proscribed certain far-right groups here in the United Kingdom. And there is no equivalence.”

But a lot of people are saying that this isn’t enough. She needs to take action to show that she is against Trump’s comments, but she won’t. May hasn’t cancelled Trump’s already delayed (because of public protests) state visit to the UK, and she didn’t criticise his choice to pull out of the Paris climate deal. In fact, she didn’t out rightly criticise his comments about Charlottesville, either.




Theresa May has become the Gretchen Weiners to Trump’s Regina George – aimlessly following him about because she’s too scared to stand up to him. What’s next, Theresa? Is he gonna stop you wearing hoop earrings?

We need a Cady Heron figure to say what’s what and to sort this mess out once and for all – maybe Jezza Corbs will do the honour?


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