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This UKIP member thinks we should pay dual nationality citizens to leave the country

It's part of his new “fast-track export-import scheme” idea.

John Rees-Evans, who may potentially become the next leader of the UK Independence Party, has said that British Indians and other citizens with dual nationalities could be paid to leave the UK as part of his new “fast-track export-import scheme”. Yeah. Import-export. Like they’re cans of beans. You just can’t make this shit up.

In his opinion, we should give dual nationality citizens £9,000 and health insurance to relocate to a different country that they have the right to live in. So, imagine you’re British Indian – this guy would pay you to move to India.


He said, “it’s not going to be draconian. It’s not going to be fascist. I’m not interested in using eugenics or any evil things like that, and yet I would be pushing for negative net migration towards one million a year.”

On his Facebook page, he expanded on this, saying:

“I am being accused of wanting to send people of a particular country, or countries, abroad. This is absolutely not the case.

“The net effect would be a reduction in Britain’s population of up to several hundred thousands persons annually, as well as forging prolific and valuable import-free trading relationships that will create jobs in the exporting country, while reducing the cost of living to British residents.”

But then again, this is the same guy that claimed his horse was “raped by a homosexual donkey”, so.

What do you think? Practical, or a bit messed up?


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