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Let’s look at the bigger picture when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn’s train drama

Jezza's not one for first class, and that speaks volumes

Remember last year, when Jeremy Corbyn made a video to promote his campaign for a nationalised rail service by showing him sitting on the floor of a crowded Virgin train?

And then Richard Branson kicked off at him because, actually, he walked past loads of empty seats and the footage was supposedly fake?

Well, new footage has emerged to dispute this. It comes from Double Down News, and shows CCTV footage capturing the supposedly “empty” seats from a different angle – and shows that actually, they weren’t all empty. It also shows other passengers sat on the floor because they couldn’t find seats – or enough seats to sit in a pair. Which means Jez wasn’t actually being the fake twat that the media (and Virgin) made him out to be.

Of course, whether or not Jeremy COULD have sat in a seat, and was just sitting on the floor so he could sit with his wife – the fact still remains that he’s right about overcrowded trains being an issue.

We pay so much money for season tickets (and even just your standard singles and returns) and still have to deal with delays ALL THE TIME. We fork out a fortune on transport, and yet sometimes, being able to sit down seems like a nice treat. So let’s consider that for a minute before we start speculating about Jeremy’s journey.

To bring it back to Jezza though, he also dismissed the offer of a seat in first class, and has been pictured riding the night bus before (see below) which to me speaks volumes. Ask yourself – would you ever catch Theresa May riding the night bus?

If you look at his expenses claims, he’s literally claimed £0 for accommodation and transport. Compare this to Conservative MP Andrew Stephenson, who’s claimed almost £7,000 on transport alone in the last year, and you get a small snapshot into the Tory/Labour divide.

Whether there were a few empty seats or not, he’s still standing up for an issue that affects every day people, because he actually rides the bus and takes the train like a normal person – and doesn’t claim it on expenses when he does – so I really don’t think we should be so quick to criticise. Maybe we should instead be looking at the bigger picture here, and what can be done to address our transportation issues…


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