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Theresa May’s genuinely going to run for PM again in the next election

Good luck with that one, hun

Remember how truly embarrassing the general election was for Theresa May?

After calling a snap election because she was SO confident that her party could gain a few more seats in Parliament and then actually, whoops, LOSING her party’s majority in a catastrophically gun-to-foot situation, Theresa’s decided she’ll have another crack at it, ta very much.


Photo: Reuters via the Guardian


Speaking in an interview in Japan where she’s currently meeting the Japanese PM, she told journalists:

“There’s been an awful lot of speculation about my future which has no basis in it whatsoever. I’m in this for the long term. There’s a real job to be done in the United Kingdom.”

When asked if she would be running again in the 2019 election, she simply said “yes”.



She then, of course, talked about Brexit – because Brexit means Brexit and all that.

“What I have done since the election is reflected on the election, on the messages, the issues that people – the public – felt were important, that obviously came through at that election.

I think there is still coming out of that – the general view that I got from the public there was in relation to Brexit: ‘Get on with it but make sure you get a good deal out of Brexit’.

That’s exactly what we are looking to do, that’s exactly why we have been starting to set out our position papers, to show the sort of thinking that we’ve been doing, and making sure we are getting that good deal.”

Even though she’s a total mess – you’ve got to admire her determination (or delusion). Anyone else in her position would have cracked under the pressure that was put on her after the disastrous election results. Remember when David Cameron completely shot himself in the foot with the Brexit referendum and literally resigned the day he found out he’d lost?

Of course, Labour voters are probably feeling like ‘Christmas has come early’ as Owen Jones tweeted, as this will no doubt spell disaster for the Tories. Nobody’s confident in her, so this will just cause more beef within the party. Strong and stable tho amiright!!!!



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