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Why tf did BBC News give us a lengthy close up of May’s shoes?

They wouldn't do it to a man, let's be real

Did anyone else notice the lengthy close up of Theresa May’s shoes during the News at 10 on Thursday night? 

The camera man focused on her feet for a full 3 seconds before panning up her body – which seems a bit weird.

BBC Show Theresa May's Shoes

The clip shows her walking and then stopped (screenshot) as she went down the line up. It’s a blatant “Look at Mrs May’s shoes” imagery while the voice over is about the important stuff, as if to say “we don’t give a shit what she’s doing, but look at her shoes aren’t they nice”. Or maybe the cameraman just has a serious foot fetish – like, 3 second is a long time in TV terms.

I mean, for Theresa they’re kinda cute, but this is beside the point. Ask yourself – when the hell have you seen a close up of David Cameron’s feet? Or literally any other male politician? That’s right – you haven’t, because they’re men, so therefore nobody cares what they’re wearing.

Male politicians never get questioned about where their clothing is from, they’re never used as fashion inspiration, or shamed for their choice of outfit a la Legs-it:


Or The Sun two weeks ago, when they compared Nicola Sturgeon to Corrie’s Ena Sharples for simply donning a hairnet that she was obviously REQUIRED TO WEAR for HEALTH AND SAFETY REASONS because she was VISITING A FACTORY:

Corrie on Nic

When will people realise that women can serve other purposes in life than being a clothes horse? I mean, politicians are politicians – they actually do extremely important jobs in running the country, but who cares about that when they’re rocking some cute leopard print kitten heels RIGHT!?

Sort it out, guys.

Watch the foot clip on iPlayer here (skip to 10:25).


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