Boots are going to make the morning after pill cheaper

It's gonna be almost half the price

You know how buying the morning after pill has always been regarded as a) really awkward and b) ridiculously overpriced? Today, Boots have announced that they’ll be selling a lower cost version of the morning after pill, so at least the second issue will be slightly improved.


The pill, which used to cost around £30, will now be sold for £15.99 – still kind of overpriced, but at least they’ve made a significant reduction.

Boots were criticised earlier this year after they said they didn’t want to make it cheaper, cos they felt this would mean more women would use it ‘inappropriately’. Then 24,000 people clapped back in a petition by SumOfUs, that called on Boots to apologise for their sexist comments, and demanding that Boots charge a more reasonable rate for emergency contraception.

boots petition

Sondhya Gupta, Senior Campaigner at SumOfUs, said:

“Charging women more for basic birth control is little more than a thinly-veiled attempt to shame women for their reproductive choices, and we are pleased to learn that Boots has reversed its sexist and discriminatory price-gouging of the emergency contraceptive pill. Corporations have no business policing the reproductive lives of women. Emergency contraception is an essential public health resource and charging extra for it for fear that women will use it ‘inappropriately’ is an unconscionable display of slut-shaming.”

We’re still waiting for Boots to pay the Tampon Tax, though – like Tesco, Morrisons, and Waitrose have – but this is no doubt a step in the right direction. Following on from the supermarkets paying the tax, there were also talks yesterday on Radio 2 about whether or not the conversation women are forced to have to obtain the morning after pill are necessary.

It seems as if we’re slowly but surely moving towards a society where people don’t have to be rinsed of money for simply having a functioning uterus. Businesses are taking matters into their own hands, sticking two fingers up to the government and saying that they are here for women, even if Parliament isn’t. Yasssss!



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