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Canada’s got an alt-right presence too, and they’re weird af

The initiation ceremony alone is a massive WTF

The “alt-right”, aka racists, have been coming out of the cracks slowly but surely over the last year or so, with things really coming to a head a couple of weeks ago at the riots in Charlottesville.

But it’s not just the US that is finding itself full of angry white people – even oh-so-progressive Justin Trudeau’s leading a country full of self-proclaiming “alt-right” thinkers (again, they’re just racists). But who are they, and is it as bad as the US?

In Canada, one of the far right groups calls themselves ‘La Meute’, or ‘The Wolfpack’, which is hilarious because they’ve obviously tried to sound really badass but actually just sound like a bunch of teenagers on a school trip trying to recreate the same kind of squad goals as The Hangover.


They originally started out to oppose radical Islam, and then began to protest illegal immigration. After Trump’s election, Canada saw a lot of immigration, and the Wolfpack weren’t happy.

Another tragique group is the Proud Boys (which ironically, sounds kind of gay). Some of their members disrupted a ceremony to commemorate indigenous people on Canadian Independence Day. Charming.

The Proud Boys are basically a very right wing frat group. They call themselves “alt-lite” (cos they’re… sugar free?) because they’re not a huge organisation doing huge things, but they’ll sometimes get round 20/30 people at events.

This was on their Facebook page

Their initiation is weird af. They have to declare ‘I am a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologise for creating the modern world’ whilst members hit them as they recite five breakfast cereals. You then have to get a tattoo, and get in a physical fight with a left-wing protester. Oh, and of course there’s the vow of self-celibacy that I’m sure EVERYONE adheres to.

All in all, they sound like the worst clubs ever. Bye!




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