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Who actually is Jacob Rees Mogg?

He's against gay marriage and abortion, but he could be our next PM

You may have seen snippets here and there about a bloke called Jacob Rees Mogg, who’s been tipped to be second favourite as the next leader of the Conservative Party. And therefore, ya know, potentially Prime Minister.

But who is this weird Postman Pat lookalike?


Jacob Rees Mogg is the MP for Somerset (he was elected in 2010). He went to Eton (obvs) and has SIX kids, the sixth being born in July, and called Sixtus (really hun?).

He’s been under fire a lot recently for his strict traditionalist views. He’s against gay marriage (although says he would attend a gay marriage, despite fundamentally disagreeing with it???) and very, very anti-abortion.


Appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, he managed to sit in the same room as Piers Morgan and actually look like more of a dickhead. He told Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid about how he opposed abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.

Although he was very roundabout with it, he made it clear that he personally followed the teachings of the Catholic church very strictly, but did say that it wouldn’t have an affect on the law or government. It seems impossible to believe that he wouldn’t let his views affect his politics if he became Prime Minister, though.

In both 2012 and 2016, Rees Mogg also voted to repeal the Human Rights Act. Because who needs human rights, eh guys?!

Harriet Harman threw shade at him whilst campaigning for MPs to have formal maternity and paternity leave, saying “men who don’t change nappies are deadbeat dads – and that includes Jacob Rees-Mogg”. This comes after Rees-Mogg admitted that he’s “not a modern man” and has never changed a nappy.

Could he really be Prime Minister?

He consistently denies it, but the latest ConservativeHome poll shows that he is tipped in first place to succeed Theresa May.

Here’s the results of the poll:

Jacob Rees-Mogg: 23%

David Davis: 15%

Boris Johnson: 7%

Phillip Hammond: 3%

Other: 19%

This is still pretty unlikely to happen, as ol’ Theresa has said she’s effectively gonna be clinging on for dear life. But then again, nobody thought Jeremy Corbyn would ever gain much popularity – and then look what happened in the last election…



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