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Here’s what’s going on with the public sector pay cap (and why it’s important)

Nurses, teachers, and other public sector jobs deserve better

Today it was announced that the Labour party are going to force the House of Commons to hold a vote about whether or not we should scrap the pay cap for public sector jobs.


This means that on Wednesday, MPs will vote on whether nurses, firefighters, teachers, and other people working in the public sector should be entitled to more than 1% pay rise, which is what it’s capped at right now.

Today, the cap was lifted for police and prison officers, which means things are heading in the right direction, and it’s definitely possible that a majority of MPs will vote for the whole thing to be lifted.


Let’s be honest, the public sector is a mess at the moment. Teachers are suffering badly from the cap, with a recent study showing that they’re now, on average, £5,000 worse off under the Tories.  If their pay can’t go up at the same rate that inflation does, then they’re only going to be losing money.

With our public services – most notably the NHS – strained to the max at the moment, it’s important that morale is kept high and people are motivated to take the jobs. Why would you do a stressful, time consuming job if you’re only gonna get shit pay for it?

It’s time we recognised the hard work that our public sector does for us, and if that means more of our tax money is spent there (and not on MPs expenses) then so be it.

But we’ll see what goes down on Wednesday…



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