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A Trump supporter tried to deport his classmate, but instead got expelled

Karma's a bitch, hun

An ex-student of the University of Transylvania (which is actually in Kentucky) has been expelled after trying to get one of his classmates deported.

He posted a screenshot of his DACA student classmate, Paola Garcia, on Facebook with the caption “everyone go report this illegal at my school”. Now, I don’t know if he was literally referring to her as “an illegal” like a noun, or he just forgot to include the word “immigrant” but either way, this kid is thick as shit and definitely deserved what he got.


But it didn’t stop there. In an emotional video, Paola talks about how she doesn’t feel at home in America, despite having lived there since she was two. She says Taylor had continually abused her with racist comments, saying he “can’t wait until your fucking c*nt ass is gone” and, obviously, calling her boyfriend the n word like the piece of gross leftover cottage cheese that he is.

The school has since kicked him out, though. A spokesperson from the university confirmed this, saying: “Taylor Ragg is no longer enrolled at Transylvania University. Per University policy and federal laws, we cannot offer any further details into the matter.”

A website dedicated to hating Taylor Ragg has been set up (where people can actually send him a trophy saying ‘you’re a dick’), and he has since deleted all his social media profiles.


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