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We still don’t know wtf is going on with Brexit – but that could change

The EU is getting impatient

Shockingly, we still haven’t reached an agreement on what the hell is going on with this whole Brexit situation – and the EU are getting impatient.


Michel Barnier, chief Brexit negotiator for the EU, has put his foot down – saying we’d better “settle the accounts” and generally hurry tf up.

Ol’ Theresa’s off to Florence tomorrow for the FOURTH round of Brexit negotiation, and Michel’s had enough.

“From our side, I repeat once again that an agreement is the best outcome. It is in our common interest. But if we want a deal, time is of the essence.

We are a few days away from the fourth round of negotiations. I am asking myself questions. I’m wondering why – beyond the progress we’ve made on certain points – there is still today major uncertainty on each of the key issues of the first phase.

To make progress, we are waiting for clear commitments from the UK on these precise issues. We will listen attentively and constructively to Theresa May’s important speech tomorrow in Florence.”

Theresa spent two and a half hours in a meeting with her cabinet today writing this massively hyped up speech, which apparently they’re all in agreement on (most likely BS seeing as they all have different opinions on Brexit).

Although we do know that she is said to be making a “generous offer” that’s potentially worth 20 billion euros over the next two years. Which basically means that no other EU country will lose out from us leaving.

I guess we shall see when she comes out with it all tomorrow… as well as some snaps in the Daily Mail of her scoffing some tagliatelle, most likely.


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