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You won’t have to pay back your student loan ’til you’re on 25k now, apparently

But it's not that great of an offer tbh


In an attempt to win back the student voters, Theresa May announced during the Conservative conference yesterday that she will be freezing tuition fees at £9,250 – and that the salary threshold for paying them back is being extended to £25,000.

All tea all shade, Labour have called it “desperate” – and it kind of is. We still don’t know if this will actually be happening as the Tories have promised things in the past before and not delivered on them. Theresa May’s had to rewrite so much of her manifesto after losing her majority of seats its hard to know what she even stands for now.

Anyway, Labour are still promising a better deal for students by scrapping fees altogether. Freezing them isn’t really doing any help, because 9K A YEAR IS STILL AN EXTORTIONATE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO PAY FOR A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT LIKE EDUCATION.

I mean, like, it’s NICE of them to extend the threshold, don’t get me wrong. But I’m not about to jump with gratitude to the party that gave us the ridiculously high fees in the first place…


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