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Here’s the low down on the P45 prankster and the latest Tory drama 

All tea all shade

By Non Frenguelli

I hope we all thoroughly enjoyed watching Theresa May’s unprecedentedly bad speech yesterday with the hattrick of mishaps: the coughing fit, the letters falling down, and being handed her resignation notice.

But who actually is this guy (*cough* icon)? Honestly, we should know by now. 

Last year he made headlines and got himself trending on twitter when he threw almost 100 swastika covered golf balls at Donald Trump as Trump reopened his golf resort in Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Amazingly, Brodkin outsmarted the Secret Service, Trump’s private security, and the Scottish Police to get himself to the front of the reopening disguised as a member of the press. How was he disguised so effectively? With official Trump Turnberry golf attire he got from ebay. 

Almost as amazingly, Brodkin wasn’t shot during this prank protest. He reports in his video about the prank that he was worried he might get transported to America to be interrogated by the Secret Service, and when the Scottish police arrested him they told him repeatedly that he was lucky to be alive. The Scottish police even took him half of the way home after releasing him.

Before his Swastika Golf Balls Prank, Brodkin pranked the Volkswagen Motor Show to protest the emissions scandal that Volkswagen had recently committed. 

(The Volkswagen emission scandal was that Volkswagen had been fitting faulty emissions testing devices to its cars to chest emission tests, to make them seem more eco-friendly than they were to they met EPA standards.) 

For this prank, Brodkin again got himself past security and in a front seat where he was able to get on stage and pretend to fit another faulty emissions detecting device which “no-one would find out about this time”.

Again, for Brodkin’s latest prank he had to get himself past security – this time into the Tory Party Conference. 

For this he had a pass, with his real name on it. It’s reasonable for the vast majority of the public to not know who this prankster is. He’s done several world- famous pranks, but, let’s be real, how many of us remember or research every protest prank we hear about?

So they didn’t know who he was. But you’d think that the security at the party conference for a hugely unpopular and protested party should be on high alert for anything going awry.

I mean, seriously – the Tory Party Conference already had protesters lynching mannequins near the conference location to show their utter disdain for Tory party members, so security really should have been tighter, *sips tea* but that’s none of my business. 

Anyway – I don’t want to be too harsh on the security team at the Tory Party Conference here, as I once succeeded in sneaking a litre of vodka and a ten pack of Carling into a party conference (don’t judge, we’ve all been there), but when a simple Google of Simon Brodkin’s name would have brought up the fact that he is a notorious prankster, it is easy and right to mock them for missing it.

While handing May her P45, Brodkin told her “Boris told me to do it” and then, after handing it to her, he turned to Boris, gave him the thumbs up and said “Boris, job done”. 

SHADE! So what does this mean? 

For those who aren’t following the Tory Party drama (because who has the time to keep up with which rich, inbred, privately educated cartoon villain currently has beef with which other equally as rich, inbred, privately educated cartoon villain over who gets to lead this week’s bukkake over our nation), there are currently several factions within the Tory Party all fighting for dominance, mainly over Brexit.

A recent poll puts Boris Johnson as the favourite for leader following May, and May’s leadership has been shaken considerably since the disastrous election result over summer. 

Brodkin’s prank massively undermines her leadership, as well as echoing the sentiment of many millions in Britain who want her resignation, and stirs the pot of the feud among Tory Party factions.

A few weeks ago, Johnson wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph stating his Brexit view and he also wrote in the S*n about his “four Brexit Red Lines”, with both of these actions slating May’s leadership and her authority on Brexit. The Independent also reported that Johnson is thinking of trying for Tory leader within a year or so.

All of this fuss within the Tory party, and especially between May and Johnson, makes Brodkin’s “job done” comment to Johnson the icing on the cake as it further embarresses the Tory party by drawing unignorable attention to the disarray in which it finds itself.

With all this hilarity over what is, let’s be honest,  a bloody good prank done by an excellent prankster, I would just like to highlight something I find extra funny: After the P45 was handed to May and Bodkin was escorted out, the Conference delegates couldn’t even manage to properly jeer “out” at Brodkin as he was escorted away. God loves a trier, huns. 


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