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The Catalan referendum just got super awkward

By Hope Johnson

Once again, the Catalan referendum has caused a stir on national and international news. It seems that the region cannot learn from its previous attempts and have decided to prod Madrid with an even bigger stick than before.

On the 27th October, the regional parliament of Catalonia officially declared independence from Spain announcing their parliamentary vote had been in favour of becoming their own ‘Republic of Catalonia’.

The vote was officially won 70-10 (in favour of converting from the regional constitutional monarchy to an autonomous republic) but the majority of Spanish unionists boycotted the vote.

For obvious reasons, Madrid was in uproar about it and released this statement:

“This ruling is the worst of the illegal laws like it… its immoral, its unethical and for this reason the citizens party is not going to allow them to break Spain”

*Rips up papers*

Spain’s senate has reacted by allowing Madrid to have direct rule over the region of Catalonia and have begun motions to dissolve the Catalonian parliament. This act seems to have left Catalonia in an awkward position where they’ve voted for independence but have actually now lost all the independence they had to begin with.

The newly appointed Catalan prime minister has now jumped the sinking ship and has evacuated to Belgium for what he called his ‘personal safety’ and ‘so that he could speak freely without the constraints of Madrid’ (he stated in his press conference, speaking Catalan, a language which many Madrilleños in parliament wouldn’t even understand).

Anyhow, Madrid has called for the trail of 13 Catalan ministers, of which only 9 have accepted the summons of the court. Overall, both Catalonia and Madrid seem to be stuck in a very awkward situation, and it’s obvious that the two regions will not be best of friends for a long time to come.


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