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Here it is – the definitive ranking of 2017’s hottest politicians

Don't @ me on this

By Charlotte Swinscoe

2017 has been a weird, strange and sometimes (a lot of the time… well, most of the time, actually) scary year.

We’ve dealt with a lot and so I’ve decided to take you on a light- hearted journey back to 2015. Not that 2015 was significantly better, but it did bring with it one of the greatest fan clubs ever: The Milifans.

Ed Miliband was suddenly seen as a sex symbol thanks to the power of the internet. So to end the year on a more positive note I am presenting to you the hottest politicians and potentially the next fan clubs. Join me on my journey into political hotness:

10. Tom Watson

Okay, don’t judge me on this one but my crush on him is growing immensely. It all started in his resignation letter where he recommended a rock band to Ed… be still my beating heart.

Potential fan club name: Watsonites.

9. Emily Thornberry

A woman who campaigns for social housing in London has my love and devotion and of course she is fighting for our equal pay, which makes her an ultimate hottie. Plus she has such a wonderful smile that makes me feel like 2018 will be better.

Potential fan club name: The Thornies

8. Richard Drax

I love a silver fox and no one fits the hot silver fox definition like Richard Drax. He campaigns for apprenticeships and the right to education so you could fancy him if you can get over how posh his full name is (Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax)

Potential fan club name: Drax Pax

7. Andy Burnham

Burnham doesn’t back down from a fight and has a strong commitment to his cause. His hair is floppy and he has steely eyes (and hello…those lashes?!). He’s exactly the kind of man my teenage crushes were supposed to grow into.

Potential fan club name: Burnham’s babes.

6. Angela Reyner

She captured our hearts with her dedication to the education division and is SO down to earth. She stands as an inspiration to those who want to gain more knowledge and education. She’s so lovely in her speeches too…my heart just melts for her.

Potential fan club name: Reynettes

5. Julian Smith

He’s been quite quiet for a politician but he didn’t slip by me. He caught my eye cos he truly reminds me of Gavin from Gavin and Stacey. Is that enough to make him a hot politician? Idk who cares, he’s cute.

He also works closely with a local hospital to get themselves back on their feet after the building was condemned. So definitely husband material.

Potential fan club name: The Smithsters

4. Gavin Williamson

This guy blows my mind with how hot he is AND he brings his pet tarantula to meetings. Iconic.

I feel like there’s more to Gav than meets the eye, and he’s definitely planning something amazing for next year (maybe I’m wishfully thinking. I just fancy him because he’s from Scarborough and I love the seaside tbh)

Potential fan club name: Havin it for Gavin

3 and 2. Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau

Okay, we all fancy him. Mr Smooth himself will probably always be the president of the USA in my eyes (I don’t want to face the facts, okay?) and when you combine him with Mr Trudeau and this selfie then I can’t pick between them and they take both places.

Potential fan club name: Obamadeau. Or maybe Trubama? Who cares just let me be in their next selfie!!


Number one.. has to go for the man himself……


I’m sorry, but this man’s dedication to the cause gets me goin’!!

A man who wants to save the NHS and cares genuinely about people is a man I am happy to mark as number one hottie. And also that wink he did when asked what the naughtiest thing he ever did… phwoar.


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