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Today’s #TimesUp rally in London showed we’ve still got a lot of fight in us

By Avi Sato

With a woman holding the highest office in the land, you might be tempted to think that all things female would be well and truly on the right track in these islands.

But you would be mistaken. As a community of disparate women, we came together on the first anniversary of the apocalyptic beginning of the Trump presidency to protest and women’s voices have never been in living memory stronger, more angry, or more supportive of one another.

I expected to feel many things in that crowd today but I don’t think that being proud to be a part of such a group was something that I had registered as a possibility.

From the moment I got near May’s Winter Palace (generically listed on maps as Downing Street but we London girls know better), there were the expected screams of support, but the undercurrent of vibrant anger and the roar of the crowd were like something I have only experienced in cities on the verge of real and violent popular uprising against the government.

Of course, this is exactly what was being called for by those who spoke and those whose names form such a long list of astonishing women that I would be hard pressed to do justice to name only a few but I cannot help but be humbled by the presence of Phyll Opoku, marvel at the bitter yet intentionally satirically humorous words of Sajeela Kershi, and throw my support behind Sophie Walker as I have from the beginning of the Women’s Equality party.

They called for change and we screamed in support; they demanded change and we roared in support.

Women’s events only a short time ago were strikingly subdued in spite of the anger underneath but this was female power boiling vigorously with the lid opened wide.

The blatant #fucktrump and #metoo signs called for freedom from harassment that a few short years ago would have been swept under the rug by overreaching patriarchy, even with a woman as head of government.

I saw children protesting for the imprisonment of that orange-dyed American leader and the rise of a rebellion of women to topple the hierarchy of government – seriously, young children understand the war is coming!

I saw beautiful dogs proclaiming their support for the rights of bitches everywhere, canine and otherwise.

I witnessed nothing short of a dozen clear and vibrantly echoed calls for an open rebellion of women, to take over the government and end violence, harassment, inequality, racism, and all the other horrors of a patriarchal society.

It made my anarchist heart leap with joy, I must say, and there might have been tears if there were not rain streaming down my face (and snow, thanks, London).

Last year, women declared war on Trump. This year, we declared open season on the patriarchy. I was there and this is going to get messy – and fun. Count me very much in.


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