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Why we need to take American politics seriously in the U.K

DACA, Brexit... it's all the same problem

There are days when even a hardcore leftwing feminist has to quote Churchill – “democracy is the worst form of government”.

Of course, he meant that it’s awful but every other option is worse. But am I not the only woman around here looking at those sorry pseudo-democratic messes and thinking… WTF?

We live in the aftermath of the rise of the United Fascist Alliance (UKIP), Boris’ Brexit Bullshit (patent pending), and the endless blithering failure of May.

The rise of the Corbyn Clan is our anointed saviour, beaten into an opposition role by, not to put too fine a point on it, the failure of sensible media to discuss the perils of conservatism.

But why can’t mainstream media do more than propagate celebrity scandals? From Trump’s pussy-grabbing, incest-promoting, Twitter-destroying rise to hit seat as the Fuehrer, American politics has become little more than trivial entertainment to us in modern Britain.

But we should care about this. I mean, we should care about what happens in our world. But we should especially care about this.

The American government has been the scene of arguments since before the Declaration of Independence was signed. What’s different now?

This is about respect. As women, we have been fighting for respect for about as long as the Bible has been on the best-seller list, but what we see is troubling.

We see what is happening in the United States and think, ‘the government here doesn’t work like that; we won’t have a budget showdown that grinds the government to a halt’. And you’re right. We don’t have the same budget procedures.

Simply put though, it matters because of why it happened and why it’s continuing to happen – don’t think it’s fixed just because there’s yet another continuing resolution, slapped on like so many bandaids trying to block the Hoover Dam.

DACA is a fight over equality, immigration, and nationalism. Forcing a budget rife with benefits for the rich while healthcare and education perish is the act of a short-sighted madman with dreams of being a Tsar in a land of peasant farmers – as long as they’re not immigrant peasant farmers.

Does this sound familiar to you? Brexit is a fight over equality, immigration, and nationalism.

Our healthcare and education systems are withering on the vine of a government that has simply refused to take action to give us sustainable and functional healthcare, relevant education instead of Gove’s nightmare vision of well-behaved girls swallowing standardized curriculum, or investigations into the brutal homophobia, islamophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and increasingly common hate crimes across these islands.

Think we’re free from the problems that shut down the American government? Nope!

We’re all drinking the same kool-aid. Our government may not fall silent, but problems from across the pond are washing up like trash on our shores, and we’re embracing them as our own.

Perhaps, and I only put this forward as a health and safety reminder, it might be unwise to consume quite so much American bullshit.


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