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The Guggenheim museum sent Trump a golden toilet instead of a Van Gogh

It was obviously more appropriate for his taste

By Avi Sato

The general public has been debating for a couple of years now exactly how, shall we say, full of poo, the oft-named “Leader of the Free World” happens to be. Fortunately, The Guggenheim museum has solved this dilemma for us.

A president, or really any senior government representative of the people, can ask this immense museum to lend anything in its voluminous collection and it has been tradition for presidents to take the museum up on that offer and fill public rooms of the White House with examples of art, from the sublime to the politically expedient, demonstrating the artistic tastes of Obama, Bush, Clinton, and so forth.

The art is typically either by American artists, as tends to align with being placed temporarily at the seat of power in that country, or depict concepts central to the idea of American Independence and nationalism.

As would be fairly common, Tsar Donald John Trump dutifully did his duty and requested some artwork for his thankfully temporary home on Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course, it was neither American-made nor particularly nationalist.

It was, however, extremely valuable – not that I’d like to comment on what would happen to Vincent Van Gogh’s application for a work visa if it were submitted to the US government.

“Landscape With Snow”, a stunning Oil on Canvas depicting Arles in winter in his own of Japanese styles, of which Van Gogh personally had a collection of prints and a deep admiration.

It is subtle, globally-minded, supports the use of many colors together to create a landscape of stunning beauty. In a word, it’s sublime – the opposite of Trump’s view of America.

Unsurprisingly, then, Nancy Spector, curator of the museum’s collection, suggested a more appropriate symbol of the Orange Presidency – a solid gold toilet by well-respected contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Entitled “America”, this is everything the Trump view of the United States strives to be in a single object – overwhelming, obscene and full of shit.

Reminiscent of the Duchamp “Fountain” urinal from nearly a century earlier, this is a work of satire, yet such appropriate satire – one could not have wished for better.

So all of you sisters out there marching in the streets to encourage the world to #dumptrump… it appears the focus is now on #trumpsdumps.

Expect selfies of the king on his newly-minted golden throne any day on a tweet near you.



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