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Seriously, why won’t anyone stop Donald Trump?

The disturbing lack of opposition is giving him free reign to make a huge mess


As the advent of World War 3 looms ever closer, I am more baffled than ever about the apparent lack of opposition within the American government to their President.

This is the same nation that impeached a President for getting a blowjob under his desk, yet somehow Donald Trump – America’s 45th and unarguably most terrible leader – continues to run rampant all over the democratic process.


Democratic Representative Maxine Waters of California recently reacted to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, describing impeachment as ‘the only answer’.

She is by no means the first person to say so. The subject of impeachment has certainly been raised before, but seemingly only in whispers and by individuals. There are 535 politicians in Congress, yet Waters’ lone voice shall, I suspect, leave their ears as hollow as billionaire Tom Steyer’s hare-brained impeachment fund earlier this year.

So where is the opposition? Since it was a tiny, baby nation, nursed in the crucible of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamiltons’ mutual loathing, the United States has been defined by an open democratic process that invites change and challenge, agrees on nothing, and never stops asking questions.

Remember when Obama was President? Good times

It was knowing this about the United States that gave me confidence in its ability to stall Trump’s political freewheeling before he could do anything detrimental. As solemn as I felt upon his election, I was sure that before long, the American government – always looking for solutions, even where there are no problems – would find a way to debug this glitch in its system.

There are 535 politicians in Congress, I reminded myself. How many of them are realistically going to stand for this?

But Congress has been standing for Trump ever since. The American political Left (and Leftish and, in fact, every direction but down) has fallen almost entirely silent, save for occasional ‘umm…’s from individuals like Maxine Waters.


As far as I can see, there is no coherent resistance movement from any direction, no political counter-narrative, no genuine dialogue seeking potential solutions. There is nothing. There is only a big, black, atomic cloud, from which American politicians are hiding under the nearest rock.

Congress is currently controlled by the Republican Party, but that shouldn’t make the silence any less shocking. Educated, professional, ideologically motivated individuals, regardless of political alignment, ought to be chilled to the bone by what their President is doing to their country.

Think of it like this: mushrooms are disgusting, and I won’t eat them for the sake of moral loyalty to my vegetarianism. Mushrooms are evil and deserve to be destroyed, and I’m not afraid to admit it. In much the same way (okay, in some of the same way), it is the responsibility of any American politician left of insanity to resist Trump.

Certain things are just objectively terrible. Describing Neo-Nazis as ‘very fine people’ is one such thing. Conducting foreign policy on Twitter according to the vicious whims of a puerile TV personality with as much cumulative political experience than me is another. Even Republicans must realise that America can’t go on like this.


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  1. I have to say this is by far the worst article I’ve ever read. As a feminist I don’t understand why the war on men has become more important than our belief in equality for all genders, including men? Particularly as women, too much of our journalism nowadays seems to attack men such as Trump, who, while not everyone agrees with him, compared to Hilary he’s actually doing a far better job than most people would have expected. What has happened to genuine journalism that is unbiased, offers a fair view and is not purely attacking men like your other articles? You write as if you’re writing on behalf of all women, when very few of us, if any share your outrageously biased views. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in girl power and getting your voice heard if it offers genuine intellectual content, but with thepantsuit all this blog offers is disappointment. Please stop writing articles. Thank youuuuu #maga x


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