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Let’s talk about what was REALLY controversial about the Eurovision win

Hosting it in 2019 is gonna be... problematic

OK so we all know the Eurovision Song Contest is the greatest night of the year, and we also know it’s high-key political af.

This year, people were torn between screaming “YASS QUEEN” and “seriously?” when the winner was announced.

This is because the winner was Israel, a country which a) is in the Middle East, not Europe (but we kind of let it go cos it’s always been that way) and b) problematic as hell. Well, not just problematic, the place is literally a war zone that is uprooting people from their homes and killing civilians.

The other issue that The Woke People of Britain had with Israel’s win was the alleged cultural appropriation that took place.

Netta, the woman who performed the winning song (sorry, absolute fucking bop) “Toy”, wore a kimono and her staging featured Japanese maneki-neko cats.


Now, as I’m not Japanese, I’m not really in a position to comment about whether this is cultural appropriation or not. I’ve scoured social media to try and find anything written on the subject by an ACTUAL JAPANESE PERSON and am yet to find anything. Let me know if you’ve found anything cos I’d love to read it.

To be honest, my real issue isn’t with whether or not someone wearing a kimono is offensive – it’s with the fact that Israel will be hosting the contest next year.

As we all know, Eurovision is the campest, most over the top party of the year. Despite the fact that, as I mentioned before, Israel isn’t even in fucking Europe, it also seems a bit off to be hosting this huge, gay, fun-filled evening of extravagance and fun when your country is in the middle of a conflict and there’s literally people dying.


Another piece of beef I have with it was the moment when Netta won and said “see you in Jerusalem!”. OK, so Jerusalem is their proclaimed capital and seat of government, but it’s not internationally recognised as their capital.

This has already been a controversy recently, with Trump stating that the US would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite it also being claimed as the capital of Palestine, and a holy land for 3 major religions.


You can read about the full Israel/Palestine beef here, but basically Israel is fucking shit up over there big time, and it’s kind of awkward for them to host this big fun party in the midst of it all. Especially in Jerusalem. Like, Eurovision is meant to be a peaceful event (if not kind of political but in a funny, bitchy way)…. so just do it in Tel Aviv, for fuck’s sake.

Anyway, when all’s said and done, the glitter has been hoovered up, and the prosecco has been chucked in the recycling… it’s the Eurovision SONG contest. Staging and political implications aside… the song banged. Just prepare for some backlash next year.



  1. Israel isn`t in Europe, but so aren`t Azerbaijan or Armenia either. why don`t people mention that? also, I can in one way understand that the situation in Israel and Jerusalem is something we`re discussion because in some weeks time it needs to be clear where the competition is going to be held next year, but what does Netta and her song have to do with that? and just because Netta said “next year Jerusalem!” doesn`t mean that it necessarily had any political meaning(s) to it?


    1. You’re right, I think because Israel and Azerbaijan have always been in the contest and are next to Europe, we’ve always allowed it for traditions sake. But I agree that it’s ridiculous that Australia is in it. And I loved the song! I just think it might be awkward holding it in a place of severe conflict.


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